10 Best Camping Spots: Camping Sites in California - 2020
January 19, 2022

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10 Best Camping Spots to Explore In California

10 Best Camping Spots In California

Rare is a scenario where the discussion regarding wonders of the United States leaves California behind. The Western Pacific state is not only one of the most agriculturally productive lands of the world but is also a picturesque and authentic adventure delight.  Every year, California sees herds of campers and adventurers having a crazy wanderlust, gathering around to have one grand camping expedition of their lives.

With 900 miles of stretches of sand, California has some of the most beautiful and diverse cliff-towns. Hence, the prairie towns are both economically and culturally affluent and offer several camping options for travel across the globe. One can easily find a place to pitch their tents, be it near the cliff-beaches, green forests, or its iconic volcanic mountains. The tourism department here has worked quite hard to convert some of these most adventurous places into most sought after camping sites for all age groups.

10 Best Camping Spots to Explore In California - Guest Posts

The diverse options available here makes it rather easy to pack a rooftop tent and set out to one of these nature parks or cultural institutes for the camp junkie inside you. However, the varied set of options makes it difficult to choose the best of the best options. To help you make the decision, here are ten of the best camping sites in California to give you a rich and inviting taste of what the state promises:

1. San Diego Beach, Southern California

The pacific’s great view and sun’s mild warmth, that’s what makes San Diego beaches an ideal camping site. People are coming every year to bask in the glory of the pacific sun and the blowing wind at some of the top-rated beaches such as Carlsbad, Cardiff, La Jolla, Colorado, and others.  Parks such as Belmont Park and Mission Beach Park further increase the list of options.These beach towns are also the campgrounds promising a high prairie wind along with the amazing sunrise and sunset view by the beaches.

2. Big Sur, Central California

Although finding ideal campgrounds is an exciting task, the real adventure is the road trip itself. If you too have a knack for quirky road trips while looking for a tent-pitching ground, Big Sur is definitely your stoppage. It has a rugged coastline running all the way to Santa Barbara’s sandy beaches, thereby giving a salty and windy experience while hitting the road. On top of it, Los Padres National Forest, Mcway waterfalls too lies here giving a twist to your plain camping. You can hike through the trails and take part in innumerous outdoor activities. There are RVs and Campers sites for hire as well, in case you need a traveling camp.

3. Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada

California’s stunning views and campsites are not limited to the vast stretches of sandy beaches. The state has alpine forest and exquisite terrains to boast of equally. Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular cliff-campsites surrounded by the peculiar Alpine forests. The lake falls between Nevada mountains, making it an ideal place for group campsites and adventure sports. Tourists and travel agencies are usually seen conducting events such as boating, hiking, kayaking, and cycling by the lakeside. Those who wish can also take a solitary refuge near the mountains; Lake Tahoe has nearly 20 different campsites for you.

4. Redwood National and State Parks, Northern California

Redwood National Park is a monument to Mother Nature and hence given UNESCO’s heritage site status. The park has Redwood Trees dating all the way back to a thousand years and has a spiritual significance to the locals.  Though tourists are not allowed to all the forest areas, there are several exclusive campsites prepared inside the forest for keen travelers. Pitch your tents at one of these sites and enjoy the pacific air while digging your feet deep into the mythical soils of the redwood forest region.

10 Best Camping Spots to Explore In California - Guest Blog

5. Sequoia National Forest, Sierra Nevada Mountains

Lying in the lower region of Sierra Nevada’s volcanic mountain, Sequoia Forests has one of the best hiking trails. The impeccable sequoia trees often look identical and hence are a sight to drink in. The trail itself is quite engaging and goes as deep as 800 miles.

It is also one of Nevada’s oldest protected grounds and has several ideal campsites such as Kings Canyon National Park.

6. Yosemite, Central-Eastern California

Among all the other National Parks, the title of the busiest park goes to Yosemite. The 1100 miles trail down the central-eastern terrains lead you to the UNESCO protected lands of Yosemite. The place is both an adventure land full of tourist campsites and activities yet balancing the scenic views with different waterfalls, canoes, and massive forests of Sequoia Trees.  One can go watching black bears, skating at Half Dome Village, Rock Climbing all in one place.

7. Crystal Cove, Southern California

Newport Beach here was labeled a tourist destination in the early 1930s and still hosts some of the most beautiful campsites in California. Crystal Cove is a historical place having perhaps the best view of pacific waters.  The town, despite being small, has unique crystal cove cottages for all the visitors. You can choose your stay at these historic cottages or enjoy pitching your tent beneath the starry sky down the beaches. There are campsites near El Moro Canyon as well, giving you an option to stay in the historical town, see the glorious beaches and visit the canyon all here in Crystal Cove.

10 Best Camping Spots to Explore In California - Guest Posts Write for us

8. Salton Sea

Any trip to California is incomplete if you didn’t visit the only inland sea of the United States. Salton, because of its unique status, has always attracted tourists from different places. Presently, the sea is an integral part of the Californian Park System and is 200 feet below the sea level.  There are no fancy camping sites here, but you can always follow the older way of setting your camp by the woods and enjoy the view.

9. Lower Pigeon River

A half-day trip to the Wildwater of the lower pigeon river is enough to brighten up the quirky streak in you. With a varied set of adventure sports, there are some additional perks of camping at the Pigeon Forge. Select your campsite and set out to enjoy River-rafting, canoeing, fishing, and adventure sports such as Powerhouse and Big Rock. You can also enjoy the night stay at the riverfront and try navigating through the wooden maze of bridges, cargo nets, and ropeways. The place also has some of the best Californian on-site restaurants and treehouses for visiting and stays.

10 Best Camping Spots to Explore In California - Guest Posts - Write to us

10. Gatlinburg

If your idea of camping includes long walks and trails on steep lands, Gatlinburg is your destination. The place is a shrine to those who seek solitude and get away from the humdrum of life. The vast stretches of greeneries and wildflowers along the trail add up to the beauty of the land. You can set up your tent anywhere near the terrain and enjoy blooming flowers, cloudy sky, and the long 2-3 hours of walk. The place also has reserved tours for bird watchers, kid’s excursions, and research expeditions.


The state of California may be known because of the Hollywood town of Los Angeles or its abundance of Gold, but there’s more to it. On looking closer, different sightseeing spots are outshining the state’s materialistic significance. California also reigns as a treasureland of scenic wonders and nature’s bounty. The adventurous sides of each one of us would like the hilly terrains, lofty forests, stretches of salty sand, and the exquisite camping experiences, these places offer.  After watching the list of all these potential options, make sure you make the most of your time while visiting California. The place is a complete blend where nature, culture, art, and the human brain combine together to enjoy one of the best camping expeditions.