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January 19, 2022

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How To Use CBD: Inhale, Spray, Eat, Or Apply It?

How To Use CBD

How to use CBD Products

Description: Cannabidiol is known as one of the main substances found in cannabis, which is of great scientific interest in its effects on the human body. CBD is not a psychoactive substance, and its use is legal. This article will tell you all the details of using CBD products and help you chose the right one for your purpose.

The use of CBD products has a versatile spectrum of action. There are hundreds of diseases in which symptoms can be alleviated with cannabidiol. Common questions asked by most people starting to use CBD products are: What is the difference between the various types and which type is better to choose? What is CBD vape, or how to take cannabidiol edibles? What CBD products are safe? In this article, we’ll walk you through the types of CBD products out there and help you decide which one is best for you. Stay tuned to find out the details and make the right choice.

How Long Will it Take for CBD to Start Working?

The time it takes for a CBD product to start working depends on various factors. To determine how you consume cannabidiol, you first need to think about what symptoms you want to get rid of.

Several other factors go into choosing a CBD product. First of all, you need to consult with your doctor and determine the required concentration of CBD. Your choice will also depend on the type of health complications, the convenient way of taking CBD, and, just as important, the dosage.

What CBD products actually work? You may be surprised, but all of them do, in case they contain the right amount of cannabidiol, mentioned on the label. Try to choose quality products, no matter what kind of intake you prefer.

Ways to Use CBD

Cannabidiol is most commonly used in four ways:

  • Evaporation (vaporization)
  • Under the tongue (sublingual)
  • Through the skin
  • With food

CBD Inhalation or Vaporization

If you are looking for the fastest-acting cannabidiol application, a water vapor inhaler or an e-liquid vaporizer is the best choice for you.

Inhalation is the fastest way to get CBD to work and get immediate effects on the body. You will be able to feel its effects almost instantly – it only takes 3-4 minutes for cannabidiol to start entering your body through the bloodstream.

The effects of cannabidiol inhaling will last for several hours. CBD e-liquids have different properties, from pain relief to sleep improvement and anxiety reduction. We recommend you to read detailed reviews on the best CBD dabs to find the right one for you.

how to use CBD oil

Applying CBD Under the Tongue

The second fastest way to use CBD is to put a few drops of oil under your tongue.

In most cases where cannabidiol is urgently needed (such as acute pain), many choose to use their dosage sublingually. In this case, it will only take you a few minutes to experience symptom relief.

How to take CBD oil sublingually? We recommend that you dip your dosage of oil under your tongue and hold it for about one minute before swallowing for better absorption. There is also a way to take CBD in drops and sprays. However, in this case, the effect will come in 10-30 minutes, depending on the particular product and your dosage.

Sublingual intake of cannabidiol is considered the most popular option. Its effect will last 4 to 6 hours. Sublingual cannabis oil is used for various ailments, ranging from relieving cancer pain to reducing muscle fatigue and improving mental focus.

Applying CBD to the Skin

how to use CBD Oil for Skin

In certain situations, it is much more convenient to apply cannabidiol directly to the skin where needed. There are many varieties of CBD products for topical use – balms, ointments, creams, lotions, massage oils, and more.

This application method is normally used to solve problems with muscles, joints, skin, and cosmetic purposes. It is enough just to apply the product to the desired area and gently massage.

Here are some examples of cannabidiol topical treatments:

  • CBD ointment is used to treat acne, eczema, and psoriasis
  • Cannabidiol cosmetic creams and serums are used for anti-aging skin care and wrinkle smoothing
  • CBD massage oil is applied during relaxing, medical and sports massage to relieve fatigue, muscle recovery after exercise, and overall skin tone
  • CBD creams and lotions are good for treating sore or injured joints, minor post-workout damages to relieve pain and speed up recovery.

These are only a few topical uses of cannabidiol, but in reality, the list is almost endless and expanding. There are cannabidiol patches, lip balms, shampoos, CBD products beauty lines, shaving products, medical cosmetics, CBD products for skin cure, etc.

When CBD is applied to the skin, the effect starts within the longest time, about an hour, but it lasts between five and eight hours, thus providing long-term relief from the problem.

CBD Edibles

How to use CBD Oil and Product

Perhaps the most enjoyable cannabidiol intake is edible CBD. The hemp and cannabidiol food industry is expanding, so you can find any food that contains cannabidiol in various doses. You can get CBD coffee, CBD vitamin water, gummies, chocolate, muffins, donuts, lollipops – the list is endless.

What’s more, you can make your intake delicious by adding it to the food you cook, from mashed potatoes to guacamole, from apple pie to smoothies.

However, the effects of cannabidiol do not start immediately when taken with food. On average, you will feel the desired effect in 20 minutes at best, and maybe even in an hour.

It depends on when you last ate and what dosage you took. For example, if you take gummies or chocolate a few hours after a meal, you will get a pretty quick effect. If you add CBD to your favorite dinner recipe and eat a heavy meal, you will have to wait longer for the nutrients to digest.

Taking edibles separately from food is suitable for those who need to get their usual CBD dosage to relieve symptoms relatively quickly. Taking cannabidiol with food is more appropriate for those who take cannabidiol regularly for long-term treatment or simply to improve their overall well-being, for example, use CBD products for sleep and concentration.

These CBD products’ health benefits last from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the dosage and your condition.


Cannabidiol products come in different forms, but they have one quality in common. Whatever you choose, you will receive an effective remedy for your health problems. Cannabidiol can help you improve physical and mental health, relieve pain, alleviate various symptoms, and improve your overall well-being.

We hope that our overview of various cannabis products will help you find the right one for your case. Either way, consult your healthcare professional thoroughly to determine the correct dosage for a particular CBD product. We wish you to stay healthy and take care of yourself.

Please tell us about your experience with CBD products. What’s your favorite way to take cannabidiol? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Author’s Bio:

Chele Hudson is a pharmacist and a true lover of cannabidiol products. For five years of use, she has researched the pros and cons of various options for taking this magical remedy. Chele continues to try various CBD products and makes video reviews about them on her blog.