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January 19, 2022

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5 Common Roommate Problems You Need to be Aware of Before Moving In

5 Common Roommate Problems You Need to be Aware of Before Moving In

One of the most exciting things many people look forward to when going to college is the sense of freedom that comes with it. You’re probably elated about the idea of finally having your own place that is not under mom and dad’s roof, and all the fun things about college you heard about.

Now, for many students, sharing dorm rooms is a norm, which in itself can be a fun experience provided you don’t get stuck with a bad roommate.

Bad roommates can make life a living nightmare. The options you have are either to try and resolve the issues with your roommate (hopefully they’re not the roommate from hell!) or if worse comes to worst, wait until the end of the quarter or semester to ask for a new roommate.

Sharing a living space with someone is never easy, but learning to live with someone else is never a bad skill to pick up either.

That said, if you’re waiting to enroll and have already found a trusted local moving company to move you in, there are few common roommate problems you should anticipate so you know how to navigate them.

1. Scruffiness

People have different standards of cleanliness, and if you have siblings, this is something you most likely know firsthand.

It’s the same thing in college. You could find yourself living with someone who doesn’t pull their weight as far as cleanliness and keeping a tidy space goes.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s important to have a sit-down with your roommate and agree on how things are going to be run. Delegating chores and duties should leave out any guesswork as to what is expected of everyone. This should ideally be noted down in a “chore chart” that you amicably agree on.

2. Splitting up costs

The finances talk is always a dicey one, even in romantic relationships. When it comes to roommates, this is a must-have discussion as overlooking it is always going to result in issues. And as you probably know, issues to do with money are never fun.

It’s important that each roommate contributes their fair share without riding on the coattails of the other. From the rent, to the utilities, the house shopping, food supplies and what-not, decide on how the bills will be split up so everyone knows what’s expected of them.

3. The intruding “third guest”

Nobody has any issue with a roommate’s romantic partner visiting on occasion, but it certainly becomes a problem if said partner spends more time at your place than they should be.

This is one of the most common causes of friction among roommates, and we cannot overemphasize the importance of setting boundaries with your roommate regarding the visits by their SO.

Many leases have clauses that address the number of nights a guest is allowed to stay over, so if you feel your space is being violated, you can always file a formal complaint if a discussion with your roomie falls on deaf ears.

4. Using things without permission

Unless you two are very close together to the point you have no issue with the other borrowing what they need, using a roommate’s things without their permission is a no-no.

If your roommate pulls this on you, talk to them the first time. If it carries on, tell them that you’ll have to switch roommates if it carries on.

5. Noise

Noise is another common problem that plagues relationships between roommates. Whether it’s loud music, a roommate with a habit of noisemaking, or making a grand entrance at odd hours of the night, unwanted noise can disrupt your peace and brew resentment.

Again, if you find a roommate who invades your peace in whatever way they do, talk to them about it. You can also set boundaries and agree on the times when, for instance, loud music is allowed.