Why People Start Vaping: Read 7 Amazing Reasons | 2020
January 19, 2022

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7 Amazing Reasons Why People Start Vaping

Why People Start CBD Vaping?


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It’s no wonder that many people are switching to vaping over smoking. Vaping is the process of creating and inhaling vapor using e-cigarettes. People use e-cigarettes to create vapor using e-liquids filled in the cartridges. E-liquids consist of nicotine, flavorings, and chemicals. According to reports, there is an increase in vapers from 7 million people in 2011 to 41 million people in 2018. The reasons for people to start vaping can be numerous. In this article, we will be discussing the various reasons why people start vaping. So, here are the top seven fantastic reasons to try vaping.

Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking:

Burning tobacco releases smoke that can be hazardous to your life in the long run. It also makes your sense of smell dormant. Reports state that smoking traditional cigarettes is the cause of 90% of all lung cancer deaths. Unfortunately, the tobacco tastes make people addicted to cigarettes, and cannot quit smoking. Switching to vaping from smoking is a much healthier way of enjoying vapor. It helps regain your sense of smell, taste, boosts appetite, and various other benefits over smoking tobacco. Research shows that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking. Thus, vaping is a better way of enjoying cigarettes without worrying about health risks.

Vaping Competitions:

CBD Vaping Pens - CBD Vaping - CBD Guest Posts - Write for us

The popularity of vaping comes with a competitive aspect. People who have tried vaping know how amazing it is to watch the cloud production and manipulate it. This technique is known as cloud-chasing. It is an exciting aspect of vaping, and people love to show their skills in public and after a lot of practice.

Depending on your vape skills and experience, you can enter into local and international vaping events. The competition involves two people standing back to back and displaying their cleanest cloud tricks. Based on the length and density of the fumes created, judges declare a winner.

So, beginners can start vaping initially as a hobby and then gradually practice breathing techniques, learn the basic tricks, and take vaping to the next level. There is a growing core community of vapers who try new skills and test the vape technology to its limits. Learning from experts and practicing can be a sure way to grow your vape skills. Overall, cloud chasing can be a rewarding experience. Make sure to buy CBD vape pens that work well with features like a long-lasting battery to ensure uninterrupted vaping.

Vaping offers various flavors:

Smoking lovers know that cigarettes have a tobacco flavor and smell. The smell of smoking clings into everything from hair, dresses, lift, and cars. Your non-smoker friends can quickly tell whether you smoked or not by the peculiar smell from your clothes due to the tar and chemicals you burn while smoking.

Vaping, on the other hand, does not produce this foul odor as you are exhaling vapor instead of smoke that disappears instantly. Vaping allows users to choose their e-liquid flavors and create new flavors by mixing two different flavors. There are various e-liquid flavors available in the market, like peppermint, candy, lemonade, and mixed berries. Many people who try vaping love the sweetness that vaping gives.


CBD Vaping - CBD Vaping - CBD Guest Posts - Write for us

Scientists experimented with the vapers and smokers to analyze their cigarette expenditure. Results showed that traditional cigarette smokers spend way more than vape users. The money spent on the purchase of cigarettes over the years added together to a large sum compared to an e-cigarette. A one time purchase of an e-cigarette can last a long time by replacing or refilling the cartridge. Thus, you can enjoy vaping with a limited amount or budget.

Vaping Community:

The desire to socialize in a group of people with similar interests can be a strong motivation for people to start vaping. Just like the smoking community, there are many communities in the vaping industry too. New vaping communities are formed across the globe with a lot of followers. These communities let vapers exchange ideas discuss their vaping experience, and share the best e-liquids they have tried. Some of the forums with high subscribers are Vapers Forum, Vaporama, and the e-cigarette forum.

Can adjust the nicotine level:

The best part about vaping is that you know the specific elements and the nicotine level in the e-juice. The rapidly growing vaping industry has led to producing a range of e-liquids with varied constituents and nicotine levels. There are many e-juices available in the market that lets you vape without any nicotine. Vaping allows you to create your e-juice by choosing the flavor and the nicotine potency in it. If you want to vape just a few times in a day, then vaping potent nicotine-liquid will work.

For the first time vapers who are switching from smoking, you must find a nicotine level equivalent to your smoking experience. Over time, you can reduce the nicotine levels to even zero. Meanwhile, experiment with different flavors and nicotine levels to determine what best satisfies you. The more you experiment, the greater the chances of finding what you love, giving you a reason to stick to vaping over the long-term.

Alleviates anxiety:

One of the most common reasons people start smoking is to escape from stress and anxiety. However, smoking cigarettes can also impact the mental and physical health of a person. It can lead to heart attack, throat cancer, lung cancer, osteoporosis, etc. Vaping, on the other hand, can help alleviate anxiety without any side-effects. Vaping an e-liquid with zero nicotine will help you get calm and satisfy your senses.


So these are a few amazing reasons why you must start vaping. Vaping is a healthy hobby and for maximum benefits, buy premium quality vape gear and e-juice. Getting educated on operating and taking good care of the vape device will allow you to enjoy vaping without compromising the flavors. Many countries are making efforts to legalize vaping as they understand its benefits and are much safer than smoking. So, welcome to the vaping world, and you are in for many surprises.