Extensions For Outdoor 2020: Best 7 Tips To Choose the Right
January 19, 2022

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7 Tips To Choose the Right Extensions For Outdoor

7 Tips To Choose the Right Extensions For Outdoor

Ever since the modern world was introduced to electricity, the world has devised several automated methods to utilize it. The needs and methods of usage have changed with the advent of the latest methods. Presently, the world is single-handedly running over the generated power while we sit conveniently at our respective homes. Your work needing electricity is not confined within four walls and can be accessed from the outside too. From lighting every nook and corner of the world outside your homes to giving the machinations’ doing external jobs, electricity has done it all. Although throughout the introduction, we overlooked the most crucial role of extension cords.

Right Extensions For Outdoor - Health Guest Posts - Fit and Safety - Write for us

Yes, the human-made veins are a crucial part of the whole domain and govern all the significant activities. No matter how trivial or majestic the work is, it is impossible to conduct it without the veins that carry the power flowing. An extension cord is the inseparable part of all electrical outlets, which makes their mobility and outdoor working possible. All the outdoor endeavors ranging from the lightwork to the water pumping sets, the work would have been rather tricky without these cords. It is because of these synthetic veins, and a person could easily place an electrical appliance or build a network needing electric supply as per his conveniences.

However, setting a cord alone is never going to be the answer to all the problems regarding outdoor jobs. The market for these helpers is quite big, leaving customers with a confusing state of mind. On top of most of us still fail to distinguish between the varieties and types required for our job. For proper functions of the outlet as well as the collective security, the selection of right cords plays a central protective role.

Hence, without further ado here are seven of the important tips you must follow before buying an extension cord for outdoor needs:

1. Keep the Intended Use in Mind

The selection of extension cords such as 12/3 extension cord relies mostly upon the intended use. Based on the usage, they are broadly categorized into three distinct categories, i.e. frequent, occasional and rugged. As the name suggests, frequently used cords are great for everyday small apparatus or outlets such as an outdoor bulb, an electric barbeque, a lawn cleaner etc. The occasional one, on the other hand, is best suited for larger tools and equipment is used for particular purposes such as a water pumping set on farmland, a crop cutter etc. Lastly, the rugged cord is reserved for continual application use, such as tools having high-amperage.

2. Must Check the Packaging for Letter Designations

All wires come with a designated letter showcasing their compatibility with the temperate, appliance and the indoor-outdoor factors. Therefore, buyers must check for the letter W as it singles out the extension cords for outdoor purposes. These outside wires are heavy-duty with a robust orange coating made up of powerful insulators and weather resistance such as vinyl, rubber and plastic polymers. This judicious approach is quite essential owing to the overall safety of both the buyer’s life and the machine’s proper working.

3. Check Out the Cord Gauge for Appropriate Current Flow

The cord gauge is simply the diameter of the wire inside the insulated covering. The length and diameter ratio plays an essential role in the flow of electricity through the conduction wire. Hence, by checking the core gauge of the wire first, one can easily determine its efficiency and power supply. The larger the conducting wire is, the better its flow would be, and because of this, a standard outdoor wire is usually 150 feet or above.

Right Extensions For Outdoor - Health Guest Posts - Fit and Safety - Write to us

4. Select the Right Plugin Type

An external cord must have a three-prong plug type so as to ground and stabilize the electric shocks it liberates. Unlike the indoor cables which can easily function while having two prongs, the outdoor wires essentially need three-pronged plugs that are infused with a ground slot for safety purposes.

5. Amperage Ratings are Important

Amperage in easiest terms is the unit determining the strength of the electric current. Outdoor extensions need more amperage compared to the indoor ones. As a result, there are special markings denoting the amp ratings of the wires for external purposes. Before buying, make sure the ratings go hand in hand with the appliance in question as each of them comes with a different power rating. In case the amperage is missing, you can also check the internal diameter and length of the wire to determine it.

6. The Covering Material

The material insulation of wires determines its safety pointers and durability. A cord for external usage hence requires sturdy protection against moisture, excessive heat and extremities of nature. Always buy the best-insulated wires having better sun protection and leakage proof coating, such that covering not only lasts longer but keeps you safe as well.

7. Price

Compared to the usual wires, extension cords are a bit costly. However, they last relatively long and have greater use. Hence, the price range is justified. Bear this in mind, the prototypes claiming to give better protection and work- efficiency is not necessarily safe and sound for your appliances. Invest in some of the trusted brands irrespective of the price range as the wires have a prolonged life if bought judiciously.


After going through all the tips mentioned above, the importance of having the right extension cord is quite evident. What’s capable of making your life easy and convenient comes with a safety journal. The overall safety and benefit lie solely upon the choice you make hence, bear all the factors in mind before making a hasty decision.