March 4, 2021

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Legality of Telemedicine - health blogs write for us - fit and safety

A Brief History of Telemedicine and Its Benefits

History of Telemedicine & Benefits

Telemedicine is a relatively new way of visiting health professionals. From medication renewals to appointments concerning common flu symptoms and even mental therapy, you can experience a wide range of services more easily with its help. Telemedicine is a virtual method of visiting your healthcare specialists through video and audio technology, typically over their company software. It is a relatively common way of receiving healthcare nowadays. It’s important to understand telemedicine so it can be a possibility for you.

Price of telemedicine - health blogs write for us - fit and safety

1. The Legality of Telemedicine

 2020 was a big year for telemedicine in many ways. Legally, most states created brand new laws for telemedicine that loosened their medical practice and prescription-writing policies. Some were meant to last only temporarily (for the duration of the pandemic), but as the ease of telemedicine begins to catch more attention, some laws will likely become permanent.

These new laws helped create a brand new system for care and helped many people get attention during the global pandemic – critical since so many people had to be isolated in their homes. Telemedicine licensing varies from state to state, so if telemedicine is something that interests you, do proper research on your state’s regulations or ask your medical provider for options.

2. Time Convenience and Other Benefits

Telemedicine is a highly-beneficial alternative to some forms of in-person care. It is cheaper than an in-person visit and saves you a lot of time, not to mention your doctor – a welcomed perk due to the growing physician shortage. Waiting rooms and medical delays are much less common with telemedicine, as everything is prepared before the appointment. It is also an excellent option for a private medical experience or for an easier experience for a person who is physically limited. The patient can learn about their treatment options within just a few minutes and address many common health issues quickly with telemedicine urgent care. Overall, it is incredibly convenient to both you as the patient and the healthcare professional.

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3. Price of telemedicine

If money is an important factor to you, telemedicine may be a more viable option than traveling to see your doctor in person. While a routine in-person appointment costs around $146 on average, the average telemedicine appointment costs only approximately $79. And don’t fear a lacking in the quality of care. The physical disconnect between you and your health provider isn’t as damaging as it may seem for the conditions that telemedicine is designed for. You can discuss your symptoms with your doctor, get prescriptions, and in the case that you need medical equipment to monitor your condition, they can have the medical equipment sent to you and monitor you remotely. Quality of care is often preserved just fine by telemedicine alternatives.

History of Telemedicine - Health Blogs Write For us - fit and safety

4. Coronavirus and Telemedicine

During the lockdown, some people are making positive changes to their lifestyle. Many are exercising in the safety of their own home and taking more time to concentrate on their mental health. If you live a more active lifestyle, that’s fantastic, but you must stay on track with your routine doctor visits and make sure you are staying healthy below the surface as well.

Due to the global pandemic, seeing your doctor in-person can be nerve-racking or dangerous, especially for those with compromised immune systems. Telemedicine, of course, removes that worry, as you can see your doctor and still be quarantined in your home.

Legality of Telemedicine - health blogs write for us - fit and safety


If you need more convenient care, finding a telemedicine-capable specialist is as easy as a Google search or a call to your doctor’s office. Receiving proper health care is a human right. In our current world of COVID-19, it is important you feel safe getting help from your doctor, even if it is just a routine checkup. Receiving your medical assistance online is something many other people participate in and is often even preferred for its convenience. Book a telemedicine appointment with one of many telemedicine-able specialists to get the care you need while staying safe and comfortable.