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November 27, 2021

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Effects of Sitting Too Long on Men’s Physical Health

Effects of Sitting Too Long

There are two types of work that are often done by men to make a living. The first is work that is done with a lot of standing and moving. Outdoor workers often do this with the side effect of the body being easily tired even though the body’s health is maintained because it works like sports.

The second is work that is mostly done sitting down. Office workers who struggle with computers will often sit for hours every day. This condition causes men to experience disorders in their bodies so that they easily experience pain.

The following is a complete review of the effects of sitting too long in men.

Gaining weight

Based on research, moving a lot while working will make the body burn fat for energy. So, even though you haven’t eaten yet, energy can still be produced from burning fat reserves in the body.

If you sit in a chair for too long from morning to noon and then noon to evening, the likelihood of appreciable movement occurring is low. Fat in the body will not be processed into energy. The body also experiences a decrease in metabolism.

Legs become weak

Sitting too long will make the muscles in the legs not work optimally. As a result of this, rarely used men will often not stand when walking. In certain conditions, men also fall easily while running. To keep your feet well maintained, try to keep walking for 15 minutes every day.

Back pain increases

One of the most common disorders in the body when sitting for too long is back pain. This pain arises due to the sometimes incorrect sitting position of the man, the back bending forward and the head facing forward for hours.

Back pain can be somewhat relieved by propping the back of the body. In addition, give your body time to relax. For example, after working for 2 hours, you stand and walk for 5 minutes. Do not hold your body to remain seated if the pain is very bad.

Heart problems

A study conducted, sitting for more than 23 hours a week was found to increase the risk of experiencing heart problems by 64 percent. Since you work in a chair more than 23 hours a week, it’s a good idea to get checked out regularly.

Diabetes risk increases

Sitting too long will make a man very vulnerable to obesity. This condition causes men to experience diabetes due to blood sugar in the body that is too high. Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 can also improve erection.

Stiff neck and shoulders

Your neck and shoulders will often stiffen if you sit for hours in the same position. This area will be often painful so that you will feel uncomfortable working with it. Give warm ointment or patches when you start to feel unbearable.

Cancer risk goes up

Sitting too long does not necessarily lead to cancer immediately. However, a person’s risk of developing cancer will be great. From this risk, a person can develop cancer if the body’s health is not maintained optimally.

Some types of cancer that can increase the risk due to sitting are the lungs and intestines. So, if you start to feel tired when you sit down, stand for a moment or walk 5 minutes before sitting back down.

Which of the seven signs of sitting too long at the top, which ones do you experience often? Hopefully, after knowing the impact above, you can pay more attention to sitting positions and stretching so that your body doesn’t get stiff easily.

Improve digestive health

Digestive health is the key to gynecomastia in men. Adjust your diet properly if you already have signs such as obesity and abnormal chest growth. In addition, Vilitra and Fildena Super Active to solve erection problems occur, take action immediately.

Men are advised to reduce foods that contain gluten or flour. Furthermore, probiotic drinks and foods are also highly recommended. Fruits and vegetables must also be consumed every day along with money bone broth which contains a lot of micronutrients.

Improve liver health

Why does it have to be heart? Is there a connection between the liver and estrogen in the body? The answer is yes. The liver is an organ that functions to process or burn estrogen rapidly. Estrogen that is not used will be destroyed so that it does not cause disturbance to the body.

If there is a big enough disturbance in the liver, what will happen to the body? Men will still have a chest like that of a woman. Try to reduce excessive alcohol consumption.

Manage your diet well

One of the ways to reduce estrogen levels in the body is to manage your diet properly. Diets that can be used are high fat, low carbohydrate, and moderate protein. The recommended composition is 65% fat, 30% protein, and the rest is carbohydrates.

In addition to regulating eating with the above pattern, men are also advised to avoid foods with a high enough gluten content. In addition, all sweet and alcoholic foods must be completely avoided for the estrogen-lowering process to be successful.