How Getting Enough Sleep For Your Fitness Game? Best Tips 2021
January 19, 2022

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How getting enough sleep will up your fitness game?

How getting enough sleep will up your fitness game?

It is common knowledge that people who suffer from insomnia or who suffer from disturbed sleep are commonly advised to exercise so that they are so tired and exhausted because of the excursion that they can rest peacefully. However, a good night’s sleep is just as important for a good and efficient fitness plan if you want to get optimum results on your health. When you decide to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle it is crucial to be mindful of many factors such as what you eat, what you drink, how much you exercise, how active you are, and most importantly what your sleep pattern is; all these factors combined will either have a negative or a positive effect on your life.

get sleep will up your fitness game

When you exercise your main aim is to lose weight, getting stronger more flexible muscles, and stay fit and healthy; however, if you don’t sleep enough then all your efforts will be in vain because you won’t be giving your body the time and break to restore its energy and process the workout that you have done. Needless to say, the fitness regime and sleeping pattern both go hand in hand and they are equally important.

The issue that most of our generation is facing these days is that due to our busy schedules and our extensive routines we don’t seem to get the time to sleep for a straight eight hours which is what our body needs. With all the chores that we need to do in a day with balancing our work, our responsibilities at home, and our educational growth, sometimes it gets difficult to manage everything on time and then also be able to get a good night’s rest. Usually, people are so consumed with fulfilling their responsibilities that we compromise on our sleep which is extremely unhealthy and not encouraged at all.

Science and research tell us that when you exercise our body releases a chemical called adenosine that gives us a signal to sleep and in plain words makes us drowsy and sleepy. Now if you are exercising every day, which is excellent, but then deny your body of its need to get the sufficient amount of sleep it needs to recover then this will mess up with your body, both physically and mentally.

Here are some of the reasons why you should get proper sleep so you can get the optimal benefits of that hardcore workout that you do every day:

1. Improves Performance

sleep will up your get get fitness game write for us

You must have come across people who can survive and go through their day fine with just getting a couple of hours of sleep; although they might be able to get on with their day just fine it is almost impossible to exercise and follow a strict regime if you don’t get enough sleep. Imagine working at the office, doing your chores and then coming home after a long busy day; now it’s time to work out, whereas you were able to fulfill your responsibilities, when it comes to exercising suddenly you will begin to feel exhaustion because your mind will give you the signal this is not important, you will begin making excuses and even the simplest task of changing into your workout pants will seem hectic.

Exercising is a very selfish task because you aren’t getting any monetary reward for it and neither does it directly affect people around you. Exercising is more related to your health and well-being; and when you realize that you don’t need to be answerable to anyone that you tend to neglect that part of your life over everything else.

For you to stay motivated and to be able to encourage yourself after a hectic day to make time for proper exercise you need your physical body to support you as well. And if you are sleepy, tired, or physically exhausted then you won’t be able to achieve that goal.

2. Helps the body to Recover and Rest

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Now imagine that you have finally managed to work out and do all those muscular exercises, you don’t even want to change your exercise shorts and just want to fall over your bed because now your body needs that time to rest to recover from any muscle tears, minor injuries, and fatigue that it may have suffered from. This time that you will give your body to rest will ensure that tomorrow morning it is revived enough to go through the same drill and sleep will also determine your progress the next day.

3. Encourages Mental Health

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Mentally your brain needs the rest to comprehend the hardcore routine that you have just done! Sleep also determines how well your hormones and chemicals that are responsible for balancing your mood, productivity, and positive energy are managed. If you mess up your sleep cycle then you risk messing up your entire body system.

4. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

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Research has shown that not getting enough sleep triggers episodes of anxiety, mania, and depression. To lead a less anxious and stressful life it is important to give your brain the rest it requires to function and balance hormones properly.

5. Lowers Blood Sugar

sleep will up your fitness game write for us

You may be spending hours every day dedicating your energy exercising to reduce sugar in your blood, while that does affect your sugar, were you aware of how not getting enough sleep also creates a resistance in your body for insulin which has an adverse effect, rendering all your efforts in vain.

Now that you are aware of how important sleep is we also want to emphasize the fact that just exercising and leading an active life does not ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. Sometimes we are so consumed with all the work and tasks that we need to do the next day that our mind becomes overworked and we tend to consume our thoughts with all the responsibilities we have and the stress can prevent us from sleeping well. Hence we have combined a list of tips that you can follow that will encourage your mind to rest and relax.

  1. Meditate

  2. Shower before bed

  3. Wear Perfume

  4. Wear comfortable clothes

  5. New sheets

  6. Listen to soothing music

  7. Read a book

  8. Watch a movie