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January 19, 2022

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How Plastic Surgery Profitability

How Plastic Surgery Profitability Is Increasing?

Despite the growth in popularity of body positivity, born from size acceptance and fat activism, recent data indicates that cosmetics procedures are still rising. You may ask, how can individuals ‘love themselves’ yet pursue plastic surgery to tuck, remove, shrink or smooth some aspects of their appearance? It is easier emotionally, economically, and physically than you may think.

Most people opt for plastic surgeries to boost their outward appearance and self-esteem. Nonetheless, while they continue siphoning money into the plastic surgery industry, the industry’s profitability continues to increase, and so does its growth. Perhaps, soon, the industry’s offers will be irresistible even to some of its present critics or body positivist adherents.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Although used interchangeably, plastic surgery is a general term that involves the restoration, alteration, or reconstruction of the human body. It can either be cosmetic surgery or reconstructive surgery. While reconstructive surgery aims to reconstruct a body part or enhance its functioning, cosmetic surgery enhances appearance.

There are different classes of cosmetic procedures, including breast, body lifts, fat reduction, face and neck, and minimally invasive procedures. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the most common types of surgeries involve the breast, face, and neck, all of which increased in frequency during the past five years.

Why are Cosmetic Procedures Rising?

There are different reasons why cosmetic procedures are on the rise, including:

1. More time on Screen

Thanks to social media and mobile devices, people can now document every aspect of their lives. On the downside, they’ve made it impossible to escape seeing things about our appearance we don’t like. You may start to scrutinize yourself constantly.

The current shift to video calls amid the coronavirus pandemic has further worsened the situation. You may have become conscious of your appearance. It is possible to start noticing the size of your nose, the shape of your eyebrows, or even your wrinkles when you stare at your video thumbnail. You may start giving cosmetic procedures some consideration.

2. Widespread Acceptance

More than 15 or 20 years ago, undergoing a cosmetic procedure was seen almost as an atrocity. Most people did them in secrecy. Currently, people are all over social media updating their current statuses, posting their pictures, and even discussing some of the top plastic surgeons. By doing so, they normalize plastic surgery, making others follow suit.

3. Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries have become more affordable

Previously reserved for the uber-wealthy, cosmetic procedures are currently affordable to almost everyone, including the typical stay-at-home moms. This is attributable to technological innovations and inventions as well as the growing number of consumers.

Also, over the past few years, the number of plastic surgeons has risen. Many people are attracted to the profession due to its profitability. Although the demand is high, more and more people are opting for cosmetic procedures — the supply is relatively high. To attract more customers, some plastic surgeons are reducing their prices, sometimes at the expense of quality.

4. Boosted confidence

It is in human nature to want to gain a sense of fulfillment. This happens when a person understands what they need. While some people pursue music or fashion, others are hooked on looking good. You may have heard of this statement, “I want to look as good as I feel.” Cosmetic surgery will give you the opportunity to look your best and present to the world your enhanced self.

Are you considering plastic surgery?

If you’re considering having a procedure done, it is essential to start by asking yourself, “why?” A sincere pursuit will make you happy. For example, ensure that you are doing it for yourself and not for someone else.

Also, be realistic. Some people may promise you perfection or a 360 degrees’ improvement of your appearance. Note that plastic surgery is not magic, and its goal is not to completely change but improve your appearance.

Moreover, research the best clinics and reputable doctors. Look for someone experienced and board-certified —they will prioritize your care. You may have heard of fatal cases caused by negligence and surgeons’ insufficiency in skills and qualifications. You wouldn’t wish to be the next victim simply because you are lazy with your research.

Lastly, have your mind made up. Know what you want and stick to that. Sometimes it’s easier to get caught with the endless list of options at a plastic surgeon’s office.