Best Physiotherapy Benefits In Recovery After Surgery 2021
January 19, 2022

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How Physiotherapy Benefits You In Recovery Process After Surgery?

We all are aware that the immediate life after surgery is not that easy. It takes a lot of time to completely recover from pain and restriction in movement. This is where getting physiotherapy in Edmonton will help you to boost and ease up the recovery process.

Benefits of Physiotherapy after Surgery

A physiotherapist helps patients of all ages who went under surgery in recovery, but unfortunately, many people don’t visit them even after their doctor recommended them. Here are the things that you will be missing if you don’t visit an expert physio after undergoing surgery.

Increase in Mobility

The most irritating problem that patients face after the surgery is restricted mobility. If you are facing this issue, physiotherapy can help you with it. Depending on your need and condition, the therapist will suggest exercises and medications. In some cases, they might also suggest you use devices such as crutches to support you while you recover.

Better Blood Circulation

Physical therapy plays a vital role in improving the blood flow throughout the body which helps in boosting the healing process after the surgery. As the blood carries oxygen and nutrients along with it, the improved circulation will also help with reducing inflammation and pain.

Reduction in Pain

Many people are under the impression that physical therapy sessions will increase the pain, which isn’t true. The exercises and techniques suggested by the therapist during the session help in relaxing the muscles to reduce/alleviate the pain completely.

Better Balance and Muscle Functionality

After surgery, many people face difficulty in retaining balance during the recovery process. The best physiotherapy treatment in Edmonton can help you regain that balance. The therapist will suggest certain exercises to help you. It will allow you to walk around without feeling the fear of falling.

Core Strengthening

The core is one of the most important foundations of the body. It protects you from injuries and also helps with keeping you stable. With the exercises suggested by the therapist in Regenerate Physio, many patients have seen the strengthening of these muscles has improved the overall health of the body.

What to Expect at Each Stage of Recovery

Generally, the post-surgical recovery process is divided into three phases. Here’s how getting physiotherapy in West Edmonton will help you in each of these stages:

Early Recovery Process

It is the phase when you are discharged from the hospital. During this time, the therapist will focus on dealing with the following things:

  • Relieve pain
  • Reduction in swelling
  • Therapy to restore range of motion
  • Help in restoring balance
  • Exercises to regain muscle mobility

Strengthening and Improving Range of Motion Phase

Once you have achieved a significant relief in pain and reduction in inflammation, the next step is to work on strengthening the body. During this phase, expert physio focuses on:

  • Intermediate level strength exercises
  • Balance exercises
  • Aggressive therapy to improve range of motion
  • Soft tissue treatment

Functional Restoration Phase

During this last recovery phase, you will work on the following:

  • Aggressive exercises to meet complex functional goal
  • Manual therapy to restore the range of motion (if it hasn’t happened yet)

These are the benefits and phases that you can expect during physiotherapy in Edmonton.  After the session, you will see a great improvement in pain-relief and range of motion.